Benefits of Using Nitrogen In Your Tires

In this economy, it is important to do what you can to cut costs and be more efficient in the usage of energy and fuel.  By filling your tires with nitrogen, you have this option.  When it is used to replace air in your tires it not only can it save you money in the long run but it can help keep you safer on the road.

What exactly is nitrogen?

Nitrogen is an odorless, tasteless and colorless gas which at the molecular level is larger than oxygen.  It is not as reactive with other chemicals as oxygen can be and is typically not affected by expansion or contraction due to temperature changes.  Due to these characteristics, nitrogen is considered a viable alternative to oxygen to fill your tires.

Benefits include:

·         Fuel efficiency.  All of want to save money and not spend so much on fill ups.  Correct tire pressure is a key element to maximize your fuel economy.  Having the right tire pressure follows the car maker’s recommended amount of contact your tires make with the road creating less rolling resistance.  Nitrogen maintains more consistent tire pressure and prevents wear of your tires due to under inflation or in the center from over inflation.

·         Safety.  Air escapes more quickly than nitrogen from your tires, so unless you are constantly checking the air pressure in your tires, you could be in an unsafe situation.  Tires that are inflated properly reduce the chances of a blowout and improve your vehicle’s handling creating the ability to react quicker to dangerous situations or road conditions.

·         Increasing the life of your tires.  Oxygen, when in contact with other materials can cause oxidation.  In the case of contact with tires, it can make the rubber brittle and lose strength.  Oxygen can also damage the inner workings of your tire if it encounters high temperatures and pressures.  With nitrogen, you can maintain a constant pressure and it will not react in the same negative manner.  This constant pressure reduces the wear on your tires.

·         Ecologically friendly.  In an era where we are all trying to be more “green”, the benefits of using nitrogen create a global impact.  If we all use nitrogen in our tires, it would decrease demand for tires and less would have to be manufactured.  This lessens the demand of natural resources used in the making of tires and would lower toxic emissions also.

·         Longer life to your rims.  Rims, from the simple to the over-the-top variety run the risk of rust.  This rust can be caused by water vapor condensation that can get caught in your valves thereby creating slow leaks in your tires.  Eliminating the potential for condensation is a key factor in preventing rust, so using nitrogen instead of oxygen to fill your tires is smart as nitrogen is completely dry.

Considering the money saving and safety enhancing features of using nitrogen instead of air in your tires, your choice is clearly nitrogen.