Advantages of Snow Tires over All Season Tires

Many people who live in areas where it may seasonally snow will choose to put all season tires on their cars and not change over to snow tires when the weather changes. This is because since the tires are made for all seasons they can do this without compromising safety and other features snow tires offer. While good all season tires can help you travel safely in many conditions there are several advantages of snow tires over all season tires.

All season tires are made for driving in several different seasonal road conditions. These tires perform well in both dry and wet conditions but are not made to have optimal performance in a particular situation. The rubber these tires are constructed with is hard. The rubber in these tires does not conform well to roads when outside temperatures drop. It is a good idea to use these tires during non-snowy season because keeping snow tires on year round is a bad idea. This is because snow tires are not made of hard rubber and tend to wear out faster in higher temperatures.

The advantages of snow tires over all season tires are the great safety features which add to your vehicle as soon as outside temperatures begin to drop lower. This is because snow tires are designed to withstand icy and snowy roads. These tires keep better tread grip and road contact while driving in these conditions. This is done because road conditions during snow and after snows are entirely different from any found after any type other of seasonal weather conditions. Roads covered with snow can go from being slick from when the snow melts on them from the first snow contact to being snow packed. Later they can be extremely slick from ice which forms from snow melting then freezing. The road then gets slick as snow and ice melt way. Roads can also be slick due to the slush created from several cars traveling over snowy roads. All of these conditions require special tread and tire design to keep cars safely on the road.

The tread on snow tires is design with special patterns which allow the tire to dig into snow and ice and create a grip. Some even have what look like rubber spike to add to the tires gripping ability. The ability for the tires to have a better grip on the road is one of the advantages of snow tires over all season tires. It can be helpful in keeping a car from becoming stuck on snow or ice. It also assists the car in its ability to stop and be steered on the road. Safety features such as all wheel drive and anti-lock brakes cannot perform correctly if the tires on the car are unable to maintain a grip with the road.

The softer rubber of the snow tires is constructed to allow them to remain more flexible during low outside temperatures. This means the tire can conform as road conditions change. This allows the snow tires to maintain better road contact and thus provide additional safety during the harsh conditions cold weather can bring. These are just a few of the advantages of snow tires over all season tires.

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